Art Through Perera


I am a contemporary Canadian visual artist that uses mixed media to convey a personal journey. My differences have made me stronger and I share my marginal voice, which screams loudly to all that will listen.

My inspiration is stimulated by the minds of those who face life’s challenges head on and through determination live a full existence. In fact the backwards e which I often use in my name (Perera) is a mathematical term meaning ‘there exists…’ Quite appropriate don’t you think!

Artistically I express myself because I simply have to. My mind is full of vivid images and the only way I can clear my head is to get these stories out. This is the way I breathe, the way I live. I’ve been visually expressing myself since I was five, partly because I am dyslexic and it was (and still is) a way for me to communicate. The other influence in my art is the wordage, you will find them in many of my pieces. These words stemmed from my grandmother (Amma) writing down little, if you will, affirmations to make me understand I wasn’t stupid, just different. I’ve collected these affirmations and to date still write them.

I hope you embrace my journey. My works “Imperfections” will hopefully show you many sides of me, the happy, the sad, the romantic, but never the perfect. test