Art Through Perera



Maarten Perera was born in Sri Lanka.  His parents immigrated to Coventry, England and this is where the curious boy was to spend his formidable years.  This catholic-buddhist child had very few worries and kept focused by his beloved Amma (the grandmother).  To be different was second nature to Perera and little did he know it at the time, but being marginal was to be a big part of his artistic make-up.

His family later packed their bags and moved to Vancouver, Canada to try new and better things.  Maarten also had a younger brother, Jeremy who was to commit suicide in later years.  Jeremy's troubled thoughts travel though Maarten's art.  Jeremy like other bi-polar people, carried a voice that very often is ignored.

In Art school Perera found little satisfaction, but learnt techniques that strengthen the foundation for his artistic inspiration.  Work became his passionate muse.  From HIV/AIDS to incarcerated women he searched for the positive voice of marginalism. 

Though Maarten considers himself a free spirit, he presently lives in Ladysmith, BC, Canada with his amazing partner.